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Skin Care


La Beauty Boutique Customized Facial - 1.15 hours, $105.00

Let us work with you on your skin's needs and concerns.  With in-depth skin analysis we will infuse your skin with effective treatments of Eminence organics skin care.  This treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, a stimulating treatment and or peel.  Preforming extractions to get rid of impurities, then we will mix a medley of customized masque and add serums to treat concerns. We finish with a gorgeous moisturizer and protect your skin with a light dusting of our Eminence dry SPF powder.


La Beauty Express Facial - 45 mins, $70.00

Need a little pick me up?  Try our express facial which includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation for the skin. A mixture of masques.  Treatments that will help give you that glow and a moisturizer fit for your skin to achieve that extra boost it needs.


Teen Facial - 40 min, $60.00

Hormonal changes to the skin can be frustrating.  Let us help balance, educate and promote healthy skin.  We will examine, deep cleanse, treat, and help control underlying issues using correct organic treatments for your skin type.  

Teen facial Series Package - Purchase a series of three teen facials  for $155.00



Hot Stone Massage - 1 hour, $80.00

Warm basalt stones are used to release heat into the muscles.  This can help with blood circulation, promote deep relaxation and calm the body and mind.

Relaxation Massage -1 hour, $65.00 / $45.00 for half hour

De-stress and release tension of the muscles with a relaxation massage.  Essential oils can be used too.


Lash Extensions

Lash extension are a great way to enhance the look of your eyes using a careful technique of applying a single natural lash.  

** Very Important: Before coming to your lash appointment please do not wear any mascara the day of your procedure.  Also if you wear contacts please remove prior to the procedure. ** thank you 

Classic Set - 1.5 hours, $90.00

Classic Set lash extensions is 1:1 ratio of 1 synthetic mink lash per 1 natural lash.  This can add length and darkness to the lashes to give your eye a natural mascara look.


Hybrid Set - 2 hours, $130.00

This set involved placing a mix of classic and volume to give you just a bit more but not too much, it's that in between fullness look.


Volume Set -2-2.5 hours, $150.00

The volume set is done by creating hand made fans using lighter weight mink lashes to fill in gaps, giving you that gorgeous full look. There fans that are created can be anywhere from 2-6 mink lashed per one natural lash depending on the desired look.


Fills - as our natural lashes shed in different cycles, fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking full.

Classic Fill - $40.00

Hybrid Fill - $55.00

Volume Fill- $65.00


LASH LIFT -Give your lashes a lift without the hassle of using a lash curler, this service works with your natural lashes and can last up to 6-8 weeks.

LASH LIFT - $60.00



Lash Extensions After Care Instructions:

   Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after procedure.  Lashes need time to set

   Do not use sauna's, pools, or tanning beds for 24 hours 

   Do not use eyelash curlers with your extensions 

   Use only oil-free based make-up remover, and products around your eye area

   Do not sleep on your face

   Brush your extensions daily

   Keep out of direct heat from Oven's and Barbecues!

   Book in for a fill every 2-3 weeks

Enjoy your new look!!



* Please inform us if you are on any medication that may effect the skin prior to your appointment

Eye brow wax - $15.00

Upper lip wax -$12.00

Chin wax -$15.00 

Underarm wax - $25.00

Half arm wax - $25.00

Full arm wax - $35.00

Full leg wax - $55.00

Half leg wax - $35.00

Bikini wax - $35.00

Full Brazilian wax - $55.00

Extended Bikini - $35.00

Men's back wax - $30.00-50.00

Men's chest wax - $25.00-40.00



Brow tint - $20.00

Brow wax and tint - $30.00

Lash tint - $25.00


Henna & Shaping - $60